Postcard Anhalter Bahnhof, Laeti-Berlin, rectoPostcard Anhalter Bahnhof, Laeti-Berlin, recto

Postcard Anhalter Bahnhof


Berlin Urban Sketches Laeti-Berlin:

19/09/2009 – Anhalter Bahnhof (Berlin- Kreuzberg)
© Laetitia Hildebrand

  • Format: Standard- Din L (10,5 x 21 cm)/ 4.1 x 8.3 inch
  • Material: Munken Lynx 300 g/m2 (140 lb)
  • Print: front/back- 4/4
  • Blog: Urban sketches/Landscapes


  1. Postcard Anhalter Bahnhof

The Postcard Anhalter Bahnhof Berlin represents the ruin of Anhalter train station. It’s located in the city centre of Berlin, close to Potsdamer Platz.

I drew this urban sketch on the 19th of November 2009 directly at the location in Berlin Kreuzberg.

As a technique I applied wash drawing. And as artistic tools I used for the Postcard Anhalter Bahnhof Berlin:

  • my sketch book (Watercolour Paper “GS”- fine grain, Format 31,5 x 23 cm -12,40″ x 9,05″-, 280 g/m2 -140 lb-)
  • my calligraphic pen (“Pilot Parallel Pen”- 2.4 mm)
  • 2 paint brushes (fine and medium)
  • water

I was sitting in a beautiful bed of daisies, in front of the ruin, at Askanischer Platz. In the background of the postcard Anhalter Bahnhof, on the right of the illustrtation, we can see the roof of the Tempodrom.
Between the two buildings there are a lot of contrasts, like often in Berlin. That’s what is interesting to me to draw in Berlin: the mixture of different styles of architecture in one place.
It was sunny and I needed around one hour.
This illustration is also on my blog “Traversée d’Encres” (“Through The Inks”).

The Anhalter Bahnhof once was one of Berlin’s most important railway stations, it was severely damaged in World War II, and finally closed for traffic in 1952, when the GDR-owned Deutsche Reichsbahn rerouted all railway traffic between Berlin and places in the GDR avoiding the West Berlin area.

The Tempodrom is an event venue in Berlin. Founded by Irene Moessinger, it opened in 1980 next to the Berlin Wall on the west side of Potsdamer Platz, housed in a large circus tent.
While a small section of the old station facade was retained (and is still standing), the entire train shed was removed, leaving a large open area.


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