26.04.2019- Kino- und Café-Intimes (Berlin-Friedrichshain)

© Laetitia hildebrand – Here as big poster


Urbansketch from the terrasse of the café Intimes in the sun 😎
At this time, the cinema @kino.intimes.berlin was closed… There I was everytime surprised how the same guy for the “Kasse” can be a projectionist for the unique room!
The wall of this area is a crazy wall with street-ar! How long is during now?
🌈Artists : Olivier O.Rednitz, SP38, Mimi the Clown, Prost, 1 UP, … It’s although a souvenir of the “INTIMES Kino”…
🖌Tools: fineliners, watercolor, wash (black ink + water) and chalk.
It was so nice to meet all the team of the café,  wo most of them know very well Istanbul!
This sketch was in the same sketchbook for my drawings of Türquey few days ago. So I showed these too!
Then I got a beautiful project for this café: a big painting (2m80 x 1m) on canvas of my urbansketch !🙌 It’s now hanging inside the Café “I
More info about the painting: here.
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