Poster Flughafen Berlin-TegelPoster Flughafen Berlin-Tegel

Flughafen Berlin-Tegel – Poster A4


Berlin Urban Sketches Laeti-Berlin:

08/11/2020 – Flughafen Berlin-Tegel –Tegel Airport (Berlin, Reinickendorf)
© Laetitia Hildebrand

  • Format: Standard- Din A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) / 8.27 x 11.69 inch
  • Material: PlanoCard- “Diplomatenkarton” 260g/m2 (888.5 lb.in2)
  • Print: front/back- 4/1


Poster Flughafen Berlin-Tegel

The Poster Flughafen Berlin-Tegel represents the nice airport, which closed on 8th of November 2020. I drew this image on my sketchbook directly on the area. It’s located in the North-West of Berlin, in the district of Reinickendorf, map.

As a technique I applied wash drawing. And the artistic tools that I used for this illustration are:

  • Hahnemühle® sketchbook (watercolor paper, Format 21,5 x 15,5 cm – 0,71″ x 0,51″-, 190 g/m2 – 649.26 lb.in2-)
  • fineliner Staedtler® pigment liner 0.05
  • paint brushes (fine and medium)
  • wash (ink and water)

I was standing front the protective grilles of the area. I waited to observe the last flight from this airport. Such a surprise, it was a plane of Air France to Paris!

Berlin Tegel “Otto Lilienthal” Airport (German: Flughafen Berlin-Tegel „Otto Lilienthal“) was the primary international airport of Berlin, the federal capital of Germany. The airport has been named after Otto Lilienthal and was the fourth busiest airport in Germany, with over 24 million passengers in 2019.
Now the Traffic had been transferred gradually to the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport. TXL will be legally decommissioned as an airfield after a mandatory transitional period on 3 May 2021. The airport’s grounds are due to be redeveloped into a new city quarter dedicated to scientific and industrial research.
Source: wikipedia

The illustration of the Poster Flughafen Berlin-Tegel will be also soon on my portfolio Urban Sketches.

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Weight 0,100 kg
Dimensions 29,7 × 21 cm


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