About Læti (Laetitia Hildebrand)

Laeti Wall painting, deco VOID Club (Berlin- Friedrichshain) - 22.07.2015


Born in 1982 (Paris), lives and works in Berlin.

Laetitia is a graduate of the art school ENSAD of Paris in visual arts, June 2007. After graduating she became a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. In September 2009, Laetitia moved her workshop to Berlin, her father’s birthplace, flourishing and developing her artistic styles. Her art works have been exhibited in several galleries and cafes of Berlin. She travels and presents her works to many fairs throughout Germany, including the STROKE Urban Art Fair Berlin- 2012. Since 2013 she grew her label “Laeti-Berlin”. She screenprints handmade her illustrations on organic- and fairtrade-textiles in her Berlin Studio: the Drucksalon. Laeti is an urbansketcher since 17 years and she teaches Urban Sketches in many workshops for some festivals or in Berlin. Since 2021 she moved to another studio in Berlin-Wedding (“Fabrik 23”) to devote herself to painting.

Laetitia’s works reflect rhythm and movement. They consider mobility, interactivity and communication flow that characterize our society today. Here are presented her Berlin illustrations from sketchy spontaneous lines. The line is very important to her as an illustrator since using the energy of mind and body is transferred to the drawing. She also uses different spaces and materials to express, such as spray paint, or Acryl.
In 2020, she began to observe the effect of immobility through meditative urban landscapes, worked in acrylic paint.

Exhibitions / Performances / Wall paintings:

• 19-21/11/2021: Exhibition / Fair „21 ème RENDEZ-VOUS DU CARNET DE VOYAGES“  – Urban Sketches orginals, sketchbooks, with my first book “Carnet Bleu d’Europe”, Clairmont-Ferrand (France)

18/10-03/11/2019: ExhibitionMATITE IN VIAGGIO– CARNETS, DISEGNI, PAROLE–  Urban Sketches orginals, sketchbooks and prints about Berlin (30 years after Wall), Mestre (Italy) 

01/09-24/11/2019: ExhibitionURBAN SKETCHES BERLIN- 10 years“ in Box Of Berlin Urban Sketches: sketchbooks and prints (Berlin, Germany)

• 11+12/10/2019: Live painting with black light, „Lantern Festival 2019 | Kreuzberg” –  Birgit&Bier (Berlin)

• 25/08/2019: Live painting with black light, “Ritter Leuchten -Light & Music Festival“–  Ritter Butzke (Berlin)

05/05/2019: Exhibition „17. Open Air Gallery“ (Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin) Urban Sketches + Sketch books, Paintings, Silkscreens and Engravings

01/07/2018: Exhibition „16. Open Air Gallery“ (Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin) Urban Sketches + Sketch books, Paintings, Silkscreens and Engravings

31/10/2017: Wall painting in Commodus, architect office in “Alte Post“ (Berlin-Neukölln)- Skyline of Berlin (Urban Sketch of the Berliner Panorama in Klunkerkranich)

01/09/2017: Live painting, “Berlin Graphic Days #10“–  Urban Sketch in Heeresbäckerei (Berlin-Kreuzberg)

01/07/2016: Live painting, “Berlin Graphic Days #8“–  Urban Sketch, Urban Spree (Berlin-Friedrichshain)

• 29/04/2016: Live painting, Serendubity “Rise Up” –  Urban Sketch with black light, Rosi’s (Berlin-Friedrichshain)

04/01/2016: collective Exhibition – Open Doors Illustrations and Screen print, Drucksalon (Berlin-Wedding)

18/09/2015: Exhibition forThe Block“- silkscreens, Urban Sketches and Engravin, Panke (Berlin- Wedding)

08/2015: Wall painting – Interior decoration, Void Club (Berlin-Friedrichshain)

09/09/2015: Live painting Show with gallery Serigraffeur,as part of “Berlin Partner” summer fair, Urban Sketch, Neue Heimat (Berlin- Friedrichshain)

20/02 – 06/03/2015: Exhibition- „Urban Sketches / Berlin“ illustrations and screen print, Galerie “Friche et Nous, La Paix , Paris 20è

• 04/2014: Wall paintings & installations– Collectif Nikita & CO  „On/Off Wall“ project _Street Art (Berlin – Mitte, Friedrichshain)

• 09/2014: Live painting – Kulturfestival Wedding-Moabit _Illustrations on Galerie Window, Installation-  Drucksalon

• 15/04 > 15/05/2014: Exhibition- « Schokoladen Hildebrand », Screen print, illustrations on paper and canvas, Drucksalon

• 20/01/2014: Live painting with the artist Boing for the Festival “Berlin Graphic Days“ , Urban Spree

• 22/12/2013: Collectif Workshop & performance with the printstudio “Drucksalon” for the “Druck Berlin Festival”, Stattbad Wedding, 2012 (Berlin)

• 02/11/2013: Live painting & installation on the galery’s windows Festival “Nacht und Nebel“, Galerie “Space Shuffle”, Berlin (Neukölln)

• 03 > 06/10/2013: Exhibition- Festival STROKE Art Fair – Paintings, engravings, screen prints, watercolor paintings and Urban Sketches, Alte Münze (Berlin-Mitte)

• 14 > 16/06/2013: Exhibition-  « Perspektivwechsel »: Festival “48 Stunden Neukölln“, Screen print, Galerie “La Placette” (Berlin)

• 01 > 08/06/2013:: Exhibition-   Zukunftsvisionen 2013, « Zugelassene Träume – offene Räume » (Görlitz),
Photos, charcoal drawings, pen-and-ink drawings

• 19/05 > 19/06/2013: Exhibition- « DANSE/TANZ » Drucksalon (Berlin)_ Screen print

• 15.10 > 15.12.2012: Collectiv Exhibition- « Fluchtpunkt » (vanishing point):Paintings (acrylic and dry pastels), Galerie “La Placette” (Berlin)

• 31/08/2012: Collectiv Exhibition-  « Die Lange Nacht Der Illustration » (The Long Night of Illustration) with “Das Beet” – illustrations (Urban Sketches of Berlin). Performance in different kiosks of Berlin

• 13/09 > 26/10/2011: Exhibition- « Impression »: linocut and woodcut, “Info-Café Berlin-Paris des DFJW“ (Berlin-Mitte)

• 06/2011: Exhibition- Summer Party- Project from “Vagabond Berlin: photos, urban sketches, Café La Tienda (Berlin-Kreuzberg)

• 02/2011: Exhibition- « Impression » – linocut and woodcut, Galerie “La Placette” (Berlin-Neukölln)