Collab Wall Painting with Seb- 07.2022- FINAL-BD

Wall-painting collaboration

Collaboration with @seboh_creation in lost place.
It was end of July 2022. Format of the wall: 6 m (width) x 5 m (height).
All the yellow-orange-pink parts (face, hair, glasses and hand) were made by Seb, and the right part in blue (back, arms and hat) were made by me.
I used colour sprays and acrylic colour for outside with different sizes of brushes. I was inspired by the films “Inception” of Christopher Nolan and of Marvel’s film “Dr. Strange 2” for the effects of twisted and multiplying cities. The buildings and houses have been geometrically simplified to accentuate this dynamic effect. I used 3 different shades of blue: ultramarine, cyan and duck blue.
I worked a total of 4 days for my part of this mural (it was my first big wall outside).

Such a big challenge with warm temperatures (around 30 degrees) and the texture of the facade, because it was very grooved.
A great collab in this incredible street art spot !
Thank you Seb. More about this street artist:

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