Wall Painting-10.2023- Aleave + Laeti, Nord Side Gallery, Berlin

Wall-painting- 10.2023

On 29th and 30th of October I painted in collaboration with @aleave.art a wall in the North Side Gallery (Park am Nordbahnhof) . This area is organized by the association ” Graffiti Lobby Berlin ” to paint a wall. Map

/ topic: “Equal” for the International Women’s Day (08.03.2023) – WOMEN POWER!

➡️ I sprayed / painted the yellow part with a perspective effect: it’s the building behind the wall. An I painted the structure of the balconies.
➡️ Aleave sprayed the women face and the dragon’s tail in yellow, orange and green colors.
➡️ For the dragon I used 2 different brown  sprays (dark and light) and 2 different green sprays (dark and light).
➡️ I did 2 stencils on a cardboard in order to spray the pattern of the dragon.
I used bronze and gold colors.
➡️ For the tree I used 2 brown colors with brush and spray.
➡️ Aleave sprayed at the end the leaves in white, yellow and orange.
➡️ I finished filling the dragon’s scales with the bronze, gold and white sprays (some highlights). And with sprays dark and light green colors, I painted the crest and legs.

/ format: 3,50 m (width) x 2 m 90 (height).
/ tools: I used color sprays and acrylic color for outside @loopcolorsgermany
/ time: I worked 2 days of this mural, in totality 9 hours.
🌧 Such a big challenge to paint under the rain !

🤝🏻 It was a real pleasure to work in collaboration with the street artist @aleave.art ! Merci 🙌🏼

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