Collab Wall Painting with Seb- 07.2022- FINAL-BD

“Atlantis” Wall-painting- 09.2022

I was invited from the association Spot 13 in Paris to paint a wall.

/ inspiration: I painted an aquatic life. The buildings, wich you see on the background, are immersed in the water as a visual effect. This can be seen from a mound of blue stones (located near the column). Reference to Atlantis.
/ format: 5,50 m (width) x 2,50 m (height).
/ tools:
I used colour sprays and acrylic colour for outside with different sizes of brushes, with 3 different shades of blue: ultramarine, cyan and duck blue.
/ time: I worked a total of 3 days of this mural , in totality 12 hours. Such a big challenge with a quick time for this big surface!

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