MORNING- Reflection Berlin-Painting nr. 4 Morning, serie Reflection Panoramic. Acryl on canvas, 75 x 30cm, Laetitia Hildebrand- 05.2022

Painting “MORNING- Reflection Berlin ”

1200 euro

Nr. 2/4 of the series “Reflection Panoramic”, bridges & 4 seasons – acrylic painting on canvas (35 x 70 cm), Laetitia Hildebrand, 05.2022

MORNING: Now the sun is in the east in the sky, it’s the morning. the colors are cold, the first leaves of the trees are slowly coming out of an intense light green and the sun’s rays are intensifying, spring is coming!

REFLECTION / REFLEXION : The Spree remains calm. It’s the pandemic (Covid 19 & Omicron). In the the beginning of the pandemic, we were facing a challenge: isolation and we think a lot. Communication was limited. Places were emptied of their inhabitants and landscapes remain motionless, as if dreamlike. Our reflections, our thoughts become almost realities. So in my series “Bridge / Reflection”, I invite you to discover the thoughts of the city, through the reflection in the water of the Spree. A meditative journey in Berlin where time stops. A bridge between two worlds. REALITY or DREAM? Surrealism.

Inspiration: Urban Sketch 17.01.2021 – “Weidendammer Brücke, Spree” (Berlin- Mitte) –  Fineliner, calligraphic pen and wash (black ink and water) – ©Laetitia Hildebrand
We are near Friedrichstr.

SERIE Paintings ” Reflection Berlin ”- bridges & seasons

Panoramic- acrylic painting on canvas (35 x 70 cm), Laetitia Hildebrand, 2021-2022

From left to right, from top to bottom:

3. “SUNSET” (early WINTER)   4. “MORNING” (early SPRING)
1. “SUNRISE” (early AUTUMN)   2. “AFTERNOON” (early SUMMER)

Serie Reflection Paintings- Panoramic bridges & seasons