ZENITH- Reflection Berlin-Painting nr. 2 "Zenith", serie "Reflection Panoramic". Acryl on canvas, 75 x 30cm, Laetitia Hildebrand- 06.2021

Painting “AFTERNOON- Reflection Berlin ”

1200 euro

Nr. 3/4 of the series “Reflection Panoramic”, bridges & 4 seasons – acrylic on canvas (35 x 70 cm), Laetitia Hildebrand, 06.2021

AFTERNOON: Now the sun is in the west in the sky, it’s the afternoon. The green trees and the the intensity of the sun, suggests the beginning of the summertime.

REFLECTION / REFLEXION : The Spree remains calm. It’s the pandemic (Covid 19 & Omicron). In the the beginning of the pandemic, we were facing a challenge: isolation and we think a lot. Communication was limited. Places were emptied of their inhabitants and landscapes remain motionless, as if dreamlike. Our reflections, our thoughts become almost realities. So in my series “Bridge / Reflection”, I invite you to discover the thoughts of the city, through the reflection in the water of the Spree. A meditative journey in Berlin where time stops. A bridge between two worlds. REALITY or DREAM? Surrealism.

Inspiration: Urban Sketch 21.09.2010 – “Ufers Reichstag , Bundestag/ Spree” (Berlin- Tiergarten) –  Fineliner, calligraphic pen and wash (black ink and water) – ©Laetitia Hildebrand
I drew from the from the shore “Kapelle-Ufer “. This picture is also on my Urban Sketches blog.