25.10.2019- Palazzo Vecchio- Piazza della Signoria (Florence, Italy)

© Laetitia Hildebrand

For my last day in Florence, I drew the “Palazzo Vecchio” on the amazing place of lordship (“Piazza della Signoria”) in the sun🌞 .
On the right side, in the 1st ground, there is a piece of Leonardo da Vinci : a big polyhedra with an olive tree 🌳✴
Front the entry of the palace, you can see a copy of a beautiful artwork of Michelangelo : the statue of David (ref. “David and Goliath”).
On the background right of the image, there is the “Loggio des Lanzi” mit many statues outside of the “Uffizi” Museum. This open air museum is front the Piazza della Signoria
🖌Tools: fineliners (0,05 & 01), calligraphic pen, wash (black ink + water) and chalk
Time: 1h45