18.02.2019- Bockbrauerei (Berlin- Kreuzberg)

© Laetitia hildebrand

This afternoon on my bike, I have seen suddenly an historical site of Berlin-Kreuzberg with buildings in red bricks and some graffitis on a big wall…
And I discovered a beautiful place: THE brewery of the old city Tempelhof, built in 1838: the “Bockbrauerei”! 🍺
I drew near a percussion school, in a nice atmosphere, between the houses A and B (“Schwankhaus”). It was interesting to observe the contrast of the colours and the styles: Hip hop cultur and German tradition.
The graffitis are for the teenagers association “Archiv” (Jugendkulturen e.V.)🤘There is for exemple a woman’s violet face of “XooFly” and a pretty break dancer on a 80’s ghettoblaster!!! HIP HOP don’t stop!
Signatures: association “VUT e.V. since 1993, www.wut-online.de,
www.respect-the-music.com” 🎶🎼🔉
HISTORY 🤓: On the beginning of the 20 century, this place was used as wine distillery & factory of liqueurs (Fugger), as paper wholesale (Johannes Klant), and as roastery (Jacobs Kaffee).
Now there is music instruments and dance schools, associations and agencies. On the background, there is the top roof of the “DTK” water tower
Infos: www.bockbrauerei.dewww.dtk-wasserturm.de
🖊 Tools : black fineliner 0.1, wash, watercolour and chalk.
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