28.06.2019- Spreebogenpark, Parlaments- und Regierungsviertel (Berlin-Tiergarten)

© Laetitia hildebrand 


Today I drew an urbansketch in the parc « Spreebogenpark » close to the main train station « Hauptbahnhof ».
You can see on the left the Bundestag with the « Paul-Löbe-House » and on the right the Swiss embassy.
Here is very quiet and the grass is green 💚 It’s like a no man’s land in this official district!
The installation, with 2 metal rusty sides with some graffitis, is also a window to the landscape (« Landschaftsfenster »).
It’s exactly placed on the middle of the parc and on the old axis south-north of Berlin, etablished in 19th Century.
In the background you can see the business district of « Potsdamer Platz ». For exemple with the roof of « Sony Center ».
🖌Tools: fine liner, wash (ink + water) and chalk
⌛️Time: 2 hours
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