Gemälde Thinking Woman, History Berlin-03.2023

Painting “Thinking Woman- history Berlin”

420 euro – sold out

Nr. 2/3 of the series “History  Berlin”, acrylic painting on canvas (24 x 30 cm), Laetitia Hildebrand, 03.2023

Inspiration: urbansketch from the old quartel of Berlin, on the “Museumsinsel” on 05/08/2010– (Berlin-Mitte) – ©Laetitia Hildebrand
Find this urbansketch “Alte Nationalgalerie” as a print in Din A4: here.

Recycle of a painting : I used an old painting that I recovered with white gesso a few years ago. This white film was cracking, so with a spatula and a cutter I removed it in places. Then I discovered some interesting flat colours. After I adjusted my composition by urbansketch in charcoal and I painted with acryl colors.

💫 My interpretation: I scratch the past, the history, into the canvas. In this way, it creates a new texture. Sculptures like characters in a Greek theater.