26.10.2019- Torre di Pisa- Piazza dei Miracoli (Italy)

© Laetitia Hildebrand

Finally, I traveled to Pisa with the train 🚄 It was the last day of the road trip in Italy.
So lucky with a wonderful blue sky ! 💙
Naturally I drew this crazy tower on the place of miracles (“Piazza dei Miracoli”) !!! 🏛 Such an incredible architecture… 😆
On the first ground you can see a column with a vase. It’s straight so it’s starkly contrasted with the direction of the tower.
Above the vase it was a quiet seagull, who was looking on the left.
It was perfect for straightening the composition of the image with the leaning tower!
🖌Tools: fineliners (0,05 & 01), calligraphic pen, wash (black and blue ink + water) and chalk
Time: 1h45

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