22.09.2019- Villa Méditerranée, MUCEM, Fort Saint Jean- Vue de La Major (Marseille, France)

© Laetitia Hildebrand

La planète Marseille! 💙 I’m now on the Côte d’Azur. I drew my 1st urbansketch of this beautiful town front of the cathedral “la Major”.
I was sitting on the terrace “Esplanade Jean Paul II”, near the port. 😎
In the background you can see the “Villa Méditerranée” and the museum “MuCEM” (Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée)
and the fort Saint-Jean with the old fortress and the tour of the King René.
The architecture of these first buildings are really modern and interesting. They were constructed for “Marseille, the city of Europe” in 2013.
It was a nice atmosphere because this afternoon it was an international sailing boat race with a lot of people.
On the right of the image, in the background, there are also some Islands on the #Méditerranée Sea, with a castle “château d’If”. ️Ref. : book of Marcel Dumas “Le Comte de Monte-Cristo“, 1844 🤓
And on the last background you see on a cliff the Pharo Palace #palaisdupharo. A big area (7.000 m2) who organised a lot of events !
🖌Tools: Fineliners (0,1 & 0,05), wash (blue ink + water) and chalk.
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