22.09.2020- Potsdamer Platz (Berlin- Tiergarten)

© Laetitia hildebrand 

I drew on Potsdamer Platz in the sun 🌞 The Shopping Center is now closed for renovations. That’s why the place was relatively empty.
On the background left you can see the SONY Center Berlin am Potsdamer Platz.
On the middle the tower of the Deutsche Bahn Konzern and on the right the building of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
It’s a Business Center with nice skyscrapers in Berlin.
A bit history 🤓:
On the firstground right, you see the 1st traffic light of Berlin! This tower was erected on the elliptical central island in 1924.
During the cold war it was nothing on this place. It was a big boarder zone with some walls for the “Berliner Wall”.
🖌 TOOLS : fineliner @staedtler (0.05 ) watercolor and wash (black ink + water)