11.11.2018- Tempelhofer Feld 180° view, Century of Armistice (Berlin-Neukölln)

© Laetitia hildebrand

Sunday meditation @tempelhofer.feld in der frische Luft 🌬 on the sunset 🌄
Memory of the #armistice (11.11.1918) 100 years later. Today I’m not in my hometown in Suresnes (France),
for the celebration of the resistance flame 🕯on the “Mont Valérien” , but here in my “neue Heimat”: Berlin.
In order to realise a 180° view, I drew for the firstime a TRIPTYCH with 3 panoramic urbansketches on 6 pages of my sketchbook.
From the left to the right. So I have to be quick, when the sun is going down! 😅
I used a fine liner @copic_official Multiliner black 0,05 (pigment ink. Water and copic proof.) and blue ink with water for the wash.
#peace #Frieden #paix #nomorewar 🕊 #tolerance #freedom #Tempelhoferfeld
#Neukölln #Berlin #usk #uskberlin #urbansketcher