Gym bag Black, Laeti-Berlin, ‎UrbanSketch of Blu ‎Graffiti (souvenir ‎"Cuvrystr.") ‎Berlin-‎Kreuzberg, ‎bio & ‎fairtrade textilGym bag Black, Laeti-Berlin, ‎UrbanSketch of Blu ‎Graffiti (souvenir ‎"Cuvrystr.") ‎Berlin-‎Kreuzberg, ‎bio & ‎fairtrade textil

Gym bag Cuvrystr. – black


This gym bag in organic textil Laeti-Berlin is silk-screened
with a unique print by the artiste.

  • Pattern: “Cuvrystr.” (Urban Sketch 26/05/2010,
    Berlin- Kreuzberg- © Laetitia Hildebrand)
    Here the original image (blog) to see!
  • Size: one, 36 x 46 cm + 2 cords: 75 cm, ∅ 2cm
  • Material: organic cotton
  • Impression: serigraphied on one side
  • Color bag : black / Color pattern: white
  • Weight: 85g / tip wash: Sponge clean only
    Logos Fair trade and bio





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The Gym bag Cuvrystrasse black Laeti-Berlin is a unique product because I silk-screened it in our collective print salon in Berlin.

The impression of the Gym bag Cuvrystrasse black is serigraphied in white color.

The original image is an urban sketch that I drew with my calligraphic pen and with dry pastels on the 10th of March 2010 directly at the location in Berlin-Kreuzberg. This illustration represents the graffiti of the street artist Blu located in the street “Cuvrystraße”. Close to the river Spree and the crossroads of Schlesische Str. I was sitting in front of the big wall of graffitis, on the other side of this nomansland. I needed one hour for this illustration.
A typical place, made in Berlin, where these are dying out. But thanks to this urban sketch you have a souvenir of this graffiti.
This illustration is also on my blog “Traversée d’Encres” with urban sketches (“Through The Inks”).

This Gym bag Cuvrystrasse black has a light cloth bag that is closed at the top with a drawstring, used to carry sports clothes or equipment.
Now it is etablished as a street accessory for active people. Practice &  fashion product in Berlin! Everybody has a “Turnbeutel” 😉

An all-round gym bag made of special high-quality organic cotton, with two strong cords to string – extremely practical e.g. as little backpack, cinch bag or shoe bag.
A small, lateral flag communicates in a subtle but obvious way the superior environmentally and socially acceptable quality: the entire production process is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).
Added to this, the approved fair trade mark!

Don’t worry, the print will stay perfect because I fixed it with a special emulsion and I pressed it to impregnate.

If you are interested of this illustration, don’t hesitate to buy the print Din A4 Cuvrystr. or the postcard Cuvrystr.!

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