Urban Sketches of Berlin

Street-art in Berlin

Discover some urban sketches of Berlin from 2009 until today as postcards (Din A6 + Din L) and posters (Din A4 +Panoramic).

illustrations Urban Sketches Laeti-Berlin

Laeti beim sketching (HKW-Berlin, 03/11/2015)

I draw directly at location in a sketch book. Often in a double-page (panoramic or vertical).

My artistic tools are:

  • a calligraphic pen (“Pilot Parallel Pen”- 2.4 mm)
  • some fine pens
  • some brushes (different sizes)
  • chalk
  • dry pastels
  • watercolor

Usually I need 1 hour for my urban sketches. No matter if the weather is good or bad.
Blog: Urban sketches/Landscapes © Laetitia Hildebrand (alias Laeti)





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