T-shirt Tempelhofer Park Rolled Sleeve Melange grey white print UnisexT-shirt Tempelhofer Park Rolled Sleeve Melange grey white print Unisex

T-shirt Tempelhofer Feld – Rolled Sleeve, Mel. grey- white print- Unisex


This t-shirt Laeti-Berlin is produced in ecological awareness and social responsibility with a unique print by the artiste.

  • Pattern: « Tempelhofer Feld » (Berlin Urban Sketch – 30/04/2011 – © Laetitia Hildebrand)
    Here postcard Tempelhofer Park to shop!
  • Color pattern: WHITE
  • Color t-shirt: Light Melange Grey
  • Cut: Rolled Sleeve – 80’s Style – Unisex: woman or man
  • Materials: Jersey 4.420z – 3.830z / 150g-130g : 96% Combed Cotton &  4% Viscose, Continental Clothing
  • Impression: serigraphied on one side
  • washing advice: up to 30 °C (86 °F), wash inside outLogos Fair Wear-Confidence Textiles- N88








Each t-shirt Laeti-Berlin is a unique product because I silk-screened it in our collective print salon in Berlin.

This impression is serigraphied on one side with the white pattern « Tempelhofer Feld » on a light grey melange t-shirt with rolled sleeves like 80’s Style.

The original image is an urban sketch that I drew on the 30th of April 2011, directly at the location in Berlin-Neukölln in the parc Tempelhofer Feld. As a technique I applied wash drawing and I used my calligraphic pen. I was sitting in the grass, close from the entry of the park at « Oderstr. ». It was beautiful weather at the beginning of spring. I just needed one hour. As I wanted to show only an impression of the atmosphere of this park, I left a lot of space in order to suggest the peaceful sensation of this area.
This illustration is also on my blog « Traversée d’Encres » with urban sketches (« Through The Inks »).

Label « FAIR WEAR Foundation »: pro-active social responsibility. So this t-shirt is too fair trade 🙂

You can wash your t-shirt up to 30 °C (86 °F) and you can tumble dry.
Don’t worry! The print will stay perfect after the wash, because I fixed it with a special emulsion and I pressed it to impregnate.

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